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The Importance of Renewable Energy Sources | forum

Stacey, 35

Hello there! Thank you so much for having this website. I truly appreciate the fact that you are promoting green energy. Now, I am working with some communities in Southeast Asia. I need to know how I can possibly seek your help in terms of advice on the kind of renewable energy sources that would be most applicable there. I hope that you can help me out with this.

Brian, 31

Hi Stacey. I am a civil engineer by profession with a lot of experience in putting up windmills, and geothermal plants in various developing countries. I will be happy to share my advice and expe-riences with you. Feel free to contact me at Just don’t forget to give me details.

Stacey, 35

Oh wow, thank you so much Brian. I will be contacting you in a while. Will be happy to connect and provide you with all the information you need so that you will be able to give me the proper advice.


This is great that you guys have already connected. We will also be happy to point you Stacey to our experts. Feel free to contact us as well at

David, 40

Hi Stacey! Will be happy to help out as well. Just contact me at

Stacey, 35

Oh wow, I am truly overwhelmed by everyone’s support. I will be contacting you all. Thank you so much!